Did you finally let the demons win?
Over View

Age: Xierox Valask Helliousen
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
D.o.b: July 1st
Height: 4'05"
Weight: 257


Group: Canidae of Mythic Reign
Class: Chief
Desired: None


Father & Mother: Exhovez & Ashlynn
Lover: None
Offspring: None

At a glance

Opposed to the structure he bares, the more notable attribute may be his uncanny way of mixing southern courtesy with the skill of bitter sweet sarcasm, often leaving others apologizing for his bitter mood. However, to return to his posture, he may not stand as the largest, but he certainly is far from mundane. Wide set horns filed to a point, topped off with a mohawk letting him appear larger than he is, while even completed with a tail more like a whip than something for balance, he deems himself quite the interesting specimen.
General Interests
Quick points.


  • Blunt
  • Dauntless
  • Protective
  • Hot Headed
  • Rebellious
  • No Emotional Stamina
Over view Appearing nonchalant, and fairly composed, his undertones are seeming to day and night of what is shown. With a temper in hand to burn holes through the walls, and a self destructive nature, he lashes out before thinking things through, or taking a moment to settle down. However if ever given the time, his manipulative skills come out to play, being on point, they do most of his bidding, and if he doesn't truly care for one, they're merely a pawn to him. Even with that as it may be, he comes off as highly up front, stating his opinions without concern for whomever it may bother.

Abilities & Skills
Psychosomatic Illusion

This gives him the ability to cast illusions able to cause physical effects, however he generally uses them for minor situations.


The ability to shape, form, and destroy various materials in the 'earthen' classification.


Witch such, he may manipulate fire, and to a degree may breathe out smoke in intense situations, however he may not create fire.

Weak to:

  • Water Manipulations of a stronger class than his fire
  • Electricity
  • Mental games
Important Dates
He was born into this world of parents lost to time, while he thrived in an adoptive family for a short time.

Off and on relations with the one under the name of Urok where played out. However came to a final end, leaving a mark on the creature.

Vexxyr occupies Xieroxs mind, being his lover, his peace, and his home. However relations come to an end, leaving a bitter mark, and leaving him to damn the emotion.

Xierox joins into Canidae under the Mythic Reign.

Canidae requires a new chief, leaving Xierox to take up the name. He expects to make changes and see his home revive.

Past love.
One of the rare creatures to find its way into his interest, Vexxyr was a truly adored being. However time reigns over all, and left the two to part ways.

Beloved companion.
Insulting Sachiko would be worse than insulting himself, being a long term friend over the years, he often speak of her in great affection. She forever holds a special place to him, one of the few to truly matter.

Mort Noire.
While she doesn't know his name, he cares for her well being. It can be said however that he would sooner harm himself before letting ill intentions leave their mark on her.

Past lover.
This bastard had left him numerous times in a state of insanity, with emotions more than spurratic, and often causing him to lash out. Love burns, it scars, and it fades, as this had done.

Pack member.
The first one to approach him upon his new title as Archon, seen as a shy creature with a submissive hint.